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Elevate your space with Accurate Roofing and Masonry, Colorado’s trusted name for unparalleled quality. For over 25 years, we’ve blended mastery and passion, offering more than just roofing services. We’re not merely a company; we’re your devoted neighbors, focusing on both Residential & Commercial Roofing in Denver CO. Become part of the Mehaffey family – where every project stands on a foundation of trust and expertise.

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Professional Roof Installation Denver

We handle the installation of every major roofing types in Denver, encompassing hail-proof shingles, tile, and metal options. Achieve perfection on the initial try.

Expert Roof Repair Denver

Many Denver roofing companies avoid roof repairs. Our foundation is genuinely built on fixing roofs. Avoid paying a premium for a watertight roof!

Premium Roof Replacement Denver

Our experience spans decades in residential and commercial roof replacements. Through close collaboration with our clients, we’ve replaced thousands of roofs!

Why Choose Accurate Roofing & Masonry as Your Denver Roofing Contractor?

Your residence is a paramount asset. Hence, necessitating a Roof Repair, Reroof, or Roof Replacement demands engaging a Roofing Contractor who recognizes this significance! We handle your property and roof as our own, delivering top-tier roofing shingles sourced from the most renowned and esteemed shingle manufacturers, installed with utmost expertise and accuracy.

Whether it’s constructing a fresh dwelling, adding roofing, or requiring a roof repair, our exceptional service, variety, and caliber are at your disposal. We extend emergency aid for roofs compromised by tempests, wind, hail, snow, or ice. Our dedication is to swiftly and economically restore your dwelling, coordinating with your home insurance to secure the finest arrangement with minimal fuss.

As a distinguished Denver Roofing Contractor, your home’s welfare and your time are our priorities, understanding your desire for a flawlessly completed roof, free from concern over the procedure.

Contact Us for a Complimentary Roofing Inspection Service in Denver!

Spotted any hail or wind harm? Dealing with a roof that’s prone to leaks and requires repairs? Is your roof nearing its durability limit? If affirmative to any, here’s a bright side: we provide a completely free roof inspection. As a Denver-based roofing company, we’re dedicated to serving Denver and nearby regions.

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High-Quality Roofing Services in Denver

Expert Roof Installation

Invest in peace of mind with our expert roof installation service. Offering durability and style, each project is backed by a robust 10+ year warranty, safeguarding your comfort for years to come.

Comprehensive Roof Repair

Experience rapid, reliable roof repairs from our skilled team. Our no-leak guarantee stands testament to our confidence in providing enduring solutions. Roof troubles are no match for us!

Gutter Solutions Tailored for Denver Homes

Champion your home’s defense with our superior gutter systems. Tailored to your style and needs, our gutters are the unsung heroes in protecting your property from water damage.

Premium Masonry Services

Our masonry services blend craftsmanship with solid durability, elevating aesthetics while ensuring structural resilience. Trust us to enhance your home with timeless designs that withstand the elements.

Thorough Roof Inspections

Stay ahead of issues with our comprehensive roof inspections. Specializing in hail damage, we navigate insurance claims with ease, turning a typically stressful process into a hassle-free experience.

Commercial Roofing Excellence

Our commercial roofing expertise means on-schedule projects and first-time pass on inspections. For a roofing partner that values your business timeline and quality, you know who to call!

Your Trusted Roofing Experts in Denver

Precision and Punctuality: Our Service Commitment!

Addressing your roof’s issues might seem straightforward, yet inadequate repairs can lead to greater problems down the line. Conserve resources and effort by engaging Accurate Roofing and Masonry professionals!


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Accurate Roofing and Masonry specializes in new roofs, roof repairs, maintenance & emergency roofing in Denver.

Discover more on roof replacements & roof repairs in Denver via insurance claims.

Did Wind or Hail Damage Your Home?

Denver is a prime location for hail and wind destruction. Each summer, residences are battered by hail and assaulted by wind. Roughly 1 in 20 insured homes files a claim annually. Wind and hail constitute 45.5% of these claims. This fact is hardly shocking, given that Denver experiences hail as large as chicken eggs and endures winds ranging from 60 to nearly 100 mph, especially near foothills in locales like Fort Collins, Boulder, Denver, Colorado Springs, Canon City, Westcliffe, Walsenburg, and Trinidad.

Fortunately, your insurance might cover the costs of this havoc. Depending on the severity of the damage, you could receive a complete roof replacement or just a repair. For less severe wind harm, the insurance will likely lean towards fixing the roof.

Yet, insurance firms can exhibit partiality, often aiming to minimize their coverage. This is where our role becomes crucial. We’ve efficiently managed thousands of insurance claims. Our commitment is to advocate for you, ensuring you receive everything you’re rightfully due.

Why Denver Homeowners Trust Us for Hail and Wind Damage Repair

When it comes to combating the relentless summer onslaught of hail and wind in Denver, homeowners need a reliable partner who understands the local climate’s intricacies. That’s where our services make a difference. We’re not just another repair service; we are specialists attuned to Denver’s unique weather challenges, offering tailored solutions that homeowners have grown to trust.

  • Our deep understanding of Denver’s distinct climate includes the annual threats posed by intense hail and powerful winds.
  • We’re informed and prepared, knowing that 1 in 20 insured homes in the area file a claim each year, and 45.5% of these are for wind and hail damage.
  • Our team is specially equipped to handle the extremities of local weather, familiar with the havoc caused by chicken egg-sized hail and winds of 60 to nearly 100 mph.
  • Our comprehensive services cater to residents across various critical areas, including Fort Collins, Boulder, Denver, Colorado Springs, Canon City, Westcliffe, Walsenburg, and Trinidad

Benefit from Our Expertise in Maximizing Insurance Claims for Weather Damage

Navigating the aftermath of severe weather can be daunting for Denver homeowners, particularly when facing the prospect of engaging with insurance companies known to minimize their liabilities. This is where our expertise becomes invaluable. We provide more than just repair services; we offer peace of mind.

Our team is adept at handling insurance claims, ensuring homeowners receive the coverage they’re entitled to. Whether it’s a substantial repair or a complete roof replacement, we advocate for your best interests, ensuring the insurance companies honor their obligations. Especially in cases of minor wind damage, where insurers are inclined to opt for the least expensive repairs, we step in to ensure fairness. Our role is crucial when insurance entities attempt to shirk their responsibilities; we stand firm as not just your claim handlers but as your staunch advocates, committed to securing the rightful compensation you deserve.

Recognizing Signs of Hail Damage

Following a hail storm, step outside and inspect your roof. Occasionally, hail damage is visible from ground level. If it’s not apparent, examine your gutters for any indentations. Spotting dents might indicate potential hail damage.

Identifying Indicators of Wind Damage

Detecting wind damage tends to be simpler than spotting hail damage. Survey your surroundings for any detached roofing materials. Examine your roof. See any absent shingles or tiles? Contact us if you notice any!

Repair a Brick, Stone or Block Wall
Shawn and Gerardo were amazing. I got multiple quotes and they were by far the most reasonable. Their work was outstanding. Shawn was communicative and sweet. And Gerardo was by far the hardest working young man I have met in a very long time. He worked his tail off, and cleaned up the mess perfectly. You can call me personally to tell you more, I could not be happier with the price and their work.

5.0 Rita N. Ashburn, VA

Reach Out Today for a Free Roof Inspection in Denver!

Spotted hail or wind damage on your home or roof? Discovered a brown mark on your ceiling requiring a roof fix? Or is your roof simply aging, and you’re curious about the price for a replacement? If you’re nodding in agreement, the great news is our evaluations are completely cost-free.

We’re a community-focused roofing business serving Denver and nearby regions. If you reside in this area and seek a stress-free roof inspection, don’t hesitate to call us!

About Accurate Roofing & Masonry

Denver is home to many roofing contractors, each with its own set of quality levels. While Denver’s roofing market is well-developed, there’s a big difference in quality standards among companies. At Accurate Roofing and Masonry, we believe in a simple principle: “It’s either good or it’s not,” and we don’t accept “good enough.” This mindset makes us stand out. Our goal from the start has been to offer top-notch roofing and masonry services, combining excellent skill, a strong focus on customer happiness, and dependable service.

Starting small in 2015, we’ve come a long way from a little Denver roofing business handling small repairs to a full-service company for both home and business roofing needs. Our journey has increased our skills and how much we can do, pushing us into new areas like residential roofing, masonry, gutters, and big commercial roofing jobs in Denver.

We’re your go-to place for everything roofing and masonry, whether you need a whole new roof for your house, a big roofing job for a business, or just a detailed check of your roof. We know a lot about different things, like changing asphalt shingles, fixing flat roofs, working with tile roofs, and metal roofs. We’re also good at checking for damage from hail or strong winds and can help you with insurance claims, especially if you need to get your insurance to cover a roof damaged by hail!

We have a lot of experience in both stone work, fixing and replacing roofs for homes, and bigger jobs for businesses in Denver. We choose only the best stuff for all our work, no matter if it’s a home or a business. We pay attention to the little things, and that’s why we do well, whether we’re fixing a roof damaged by a storm or changing a whole roof for a business because it’s old or weather-worn. Every job is big to us, and you can see it in the work we do.

Using good quality products from brands we trust like Owens Corning makes our work even better. When you hire us, you know we’re using the best materials for fixing or changing your roof, so it lasts longer and keeps you safe.

For everyone in Denver and the nearby areas, Accurate Roofing and Masonry is the top choice for anything you need for your roof in the Rocky Mountain area. We’re more than just a company you hire; we’re your partner when it comes to all your outside home needs.

Thank you for considering us.. We can’t wait to give you the top-level, smooth service you’re looking for, and make fixing your roof easy for you. Whether it’s a small fix, a big change, or checking for hail damage – you can trust Accurate Roofing and Masonry. We’re all about your roof.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I replace my roof in the winter?
Yes, you can, but it’s more challenging due to cold temperatures, snow, and limited daylight hours. It’s best done during warmer months.

How often should I have my roof inspected?
It’s advisable to inspect your roof at least once a year, typically after winter or severe weather events, to identify any damage.

How can I tell if my roof needs replacing?
Signs like missing shingles, frequent leaks, sagging, and daylight through the roof boards indicate you might need a new roof.

Will insurance cover my roof replacement?
It depends on your policy and the cause of the damage. Generally, unexpected events like hail or storm damage are often covered.